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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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getting back to us. do i? i am not asked to comment on it, so i will not, and there is really nothing. it is just what is. >> could i ask you a question? it has been represented the new extension is 9.2 inches further back from the position of the stairs emma is the correct? >> we are building of 9 ft. 2 commo, so we are building out l. >> i look fat in wrong, and that answers a lot of my questions.
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we talked -- it looks like that is wrong, and that answers a lot of my questions. the other situation is there has been some shadows studies, and as far as any radiation of light or heat, i assume that is not going to cause a prism affect on neighboring homes? >> the original design was submitted before standards went into affect. we talked to planning, and they suggested we conform to them, so we redesign them. now all the glass pieces are less than 24 square feet, and he sent the planning department a letter saying he was in full
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support. >> there have been some changes? >> i think you have elevations. if you do not, i am happy to show them to you. you have some on the side. >> they delineate from the original, but it is a similar would. it will age to a similar color. >> i would like to ask some comments on the dr requester. it has been presented at this agitation -- this addition is not as far back as the stairs
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were, and i want to ask specifically what you would do differently if it were up to you to change the addition. >> it is a little deceptive the way they are describing it was four stories over two stories and how far it is going out. if you look at the pictures, the two stories come up to about the second story from the house. there's goes above that, so what happens is on the property line there is a huge height, so you will be standing next to it, and
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the amount of area it comes out is greater than what the pictures are indicating, so today you a home with a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge, and you do not see the homes next to you. when this is complete you will no longer have that view. it extends so far, and it has an outside for the other stories. it is going to be uncomfortable for everybody. it is not going to be pleasant to see people in the house directly adjacent to euayou.
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there is no way to have that not occur. >> your concern is height, not decisions, because this is less than it was with the stairs. presumably, someone could be looking into the room. >> it was an awkward thing done for fire occurred, and a thing about stairs that is different from what the architect is proposing is a that the stairs are open and it is not continuous, so what he is proposing will be continuous, and you will not see through it. >> thank you for your comments. i was reading the various reports. there was a question of height,
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but this is code compliant, and the height is susceptible, and the design team feels the additional height is susceptible -- is susceptible. >> it is well within the height limit a. >> we always look at it as appropriate, and it was felt that would be appropriate, and we have already dealt with the height issue, and the only thing that goes further is the two- story base, which is generally below what would be a factor, from what i understand. >> that is correct. in addition, it is set 5 feet from an adjacent buildings. >> just a few comments. i did go out to see the
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property. however, they are not historic. i live in an 1870's house. it has been remodeled so many times it is no longer historic. the comment is the same as in a lot. i winced at that. it is an exceptional lost. it may have the same dimensions as many lots, but these are exceptional properties, no question about. we do not often get something brought to us, particularly an enlargement of this size that is
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code conforming. that is very unusual. the first thing i asked is where are the variances. not only is it unusual, it is pleasant to see. if you look at a neighboring house, you will have up referral -- up referral euan -- will have a peripheral view you did not have before. that is what happens in san francisco. i happen to like the expression in the rear. i wish he had done the front of the house rather than who did it before.
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there is nothing exceptional or extraordinary here, and i would move not to take the dr and approve it does propose. >> second your your -- second appeared in good -- second. commissioner antonini: i agree with what has been said by the other commissioners. we know views are not protected, and although there is not a big change, there is a little bit of a change, and the privacy issue is one in an urban environment that is really difficult. as long as there is adequate separation and light and air, those are things that i do not see the fog -- do not think the
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factors exist enough to make any changes, though i can certainly understand concerns. commissioner moore: the only thing that could be added is due west facing windows, and i think this will almost inevitably necessitates some protection or to keep your car parts from the bleaching out -- carpets from leaching out, so it will probably provide some privacy. >> is there a motion on the floor to not take the article as proposed, on that motion -- [calling votes] that motion passed unanimously.
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you are now at general public comment. >> is there any general public comment? seeing none, the meeting is adjourned.
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>> so thank you very much for coming to the second annual budget town hall. my name is david chiu, and i am
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honored to represent the district 3, which is the 10 any neighborhoods. i want to welcome all of you to this town hall. i want to thank all of you for your community leadership and let you know that you're taking part in a very, incredibly important part of our city governance. i thing many of you know that the budget is the most important set of decisions that we make every single year. the budget reflects our priorities as a city and reflects our values. and many of you probably also know that in recent years, every year since i have been in office, we have had a budget deficit. so we have to make some very, very difficult choices. i want to thank not only not of you who have -- not only all of you who have come here today, but those from city government, in particular are city officials. this is the second annual budget town hall, something we started
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in mayor lee's first year. in the first meeting i had with mayor lee after he was sworn in as our interim mayor last year, i asked him and other supervisors asked him for ways to make our budget process more collaborative and more transparent. and the budget team and mayor lee in the board of supervisors, we thought that this format of budget town halls in many districts around the city would make a lot of sense, and i think it has been a very good way for us to have feedback. without further ado, i would like to introduce my co-host for tonight, who is my neighboring supervisor from across the van ness, supervisor mar farrell. it is great to have you here in district 3. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor chiu. i also want to quickly thank everyone the for coming out tonight, especially those from districts two who traveled all the way from the telegraph hill. that is right, go ahead and clap
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for yourselves. thank you for coming out tonight. last year we started this with mayor lee, and i do think this has become such an integral process and kind of part of our budget cycle in city hall. we really want to hear from you. tonight, that is what this is all about. i hope those of you who are here will take the time to write in your questions. i know there is a format here to come up and speak. we have the best moderator in town in tina, president of the russian hill neighbors association. thank you for moderating tonight. but i encourage everyone to submit questions and conduct was after words as well. we want to hear from you and make sure we incorporate everything you say tonight into what we decide in city hall, not only this year by going forward in the future. again, we all want to thank all of the city department heads and staff that are here tonight. thank you all for being here. it is a big deal that they come here to all these budget town
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halls to really make sure that any of your concerns they can speak to as well. without further ado, the one person we really want to thank for making these budget town halls happen is our major. he has taken time out of his very busy schedule -- [applause] and please note -- i know the board president mentions this as well, but it is really, as a representative of district two, it is really a pleasure to be working with mayor lee, not only on many issues on city hall but especially as it relates to our budget and is transparent process going and long way. so please give a warm round of applause for mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, supervisors, very much. good evening, everyone. it is my pleasure to be here at telegraph hill center. it is a personal pleasure of mind. i actually do -- i may be in opposite to what you think. we do enjoy being out in the
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neighborhoods. it is better than the question and answer period in the -- [laughter] anyway, we do enjoy it. i know tonight we will be talking about one in the most important things that we do. and i cannot think of a better way to make an important decision that involve everybody who are stakeholders in our budget. you must tell us what you think is the most important thing that we should be focused on. and while we may think, as political leaders and people who have been elected, that we might at times know better, quite frankly, we need to hear from everybody always so that we honor a commitment that this government has made for many, many a decade. i have been involved in it for 22 years. honor the neighborhoods, and you will survive. so i want to thank the various department heads with me. i want to give a shout-out to the office of civic engagement
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and immigrant affairs or here tonight to translate for anybody who wants. the extra help for anybody needs to make their point across. most importantly, i want to begin with a big thank you to all of you. you kind of heard that our budget is approving a little bit. yes. unemployment is down from a year ago. in fact, we got some great news a couple months ago, that our first six-month report indicated that we were $129 million off, and the good way. that what we had thought was going to be the first year of a two-year budget to be some $225 million in the deficit, we found out that we're now about $170 million in the first issue deficit and about $312 million for the second year. so i need to remind you all of
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that we are no longer doing budgets on a year-to-year basis. one of the reasons that we need to spend more time in the community is to get you to know that we have to two-year budget. we have to put a little more discipline in the way we budget ourselves. a little more discipline and taking care of things like our infrastructure, think that they get very long time. a little more discipline in making sure that when we way would you tell us tonight, what we need to pay attention to, that we have the revenue and resources not only for one year but two years going down. by law, by what you voted for, we have a two-year budget. we have a deficit of $170 million in the first year and about $312 million in the second year. it is better than what we saw a few years ago for these years coming forth. now that may sound like a whole lot of money to you, and it is, but it is much better than the numbers that we saw when we did not have pension reform, as they
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accomplished with the board of supervisors in with people like warren hellman and others that helped us last year passed that very important thing. it is looks better now that we have proposition d that was passed with our street paving bonds and other things that we have done smartly. but with that, we still have a very complicated decisions to make that will reflect our priorities. i want to also thank supervisor carmen chu who is out here tonight. she is going to be the head of the budget committee -- committee. [laughter] that the supervisors have selected with david chiu's help. this is her third. i have committed to six. we are combining as many of the districts together as possible, so we're trying to do this as efficiently as possible. but we will do all six. we know, based on last year's
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turnout and i think tonight, the turnout as well, if we listen to closely, we go and do our homework, we will make good decisions so that hopefully you are not there the end of may screaming at us in the months of june saying we did not listen. we have got to listen early, and we have got to do -- got to make good decisions. we're ready to do that. i wanted to forewarn you that this is a two-year budget and is still bouncing a deficit. and guess what -- the news from the state and the news from the federal government is not improving. every time we looked around, there's something else of the governor says he has got to cut, because we head -- cannot figure out how to balance the state budget. if you notice, on every major decisions that they are making, they are making the cities, with their own dollars. they are pushing. so they call something realignment. that sounds kind of like, ok, you're shoveling a little bit. realignment means they are rushing into the county's and
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making us figure out how to pay for it. that is what realignment is. that is what they did with redevelopment. they eliminated that agency, and now we have got the burden of coming up with solutions to build more affordable housing in the city and more work force housing in the city. they're pushing more and more things. then the federal government does not seem to be playing in a different tune as well. they're pushing out federal jobs. they are pushing down federal programs. they are cutting spending. as you may have heard, we got a big, big hit announcement or they're not going to fund red- and-white and we have people with aids that need treatment. -- not going to fund ryan white, and we have people with aids and the treatment. everything is on the table. child care is on the table. senior programs of nutrition are on the table. while we're trying to figure out housing at the same time. we have all these problems that
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the city, and not just me, every urban city is experiencing this problem, particularly in the state of california. so i need to give you that backdrop to let you know that the decisions we are going to may, with all these very smart people that head up the several dozen agencies, it is not going to be an easy thing. but i will repeat over and over again, the best decisions we make the once grounded with -- with community support, and we want to hear you carefully. so i am going to end my speech is right now so we can spend the bulk of the time listening to your ideas, your solutions, and your suggestions. i leave you with this one thought. be involved. be a bit of with your ideas, because i think innovation, finding creative solutions to old challenges, is extremely meaningful in the city. finally, think about where we should invest. because if we are an investment-
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friendly city and if we have our priorities straight, guess what, a lot of people with a lot of money will invest in our city as well. not government, because i told you that story, but maybe these other companies that if we talk to them the right way, if we suggest to them there are programs that are really important to all of whether to defer our parks, used, are homeless programs, that they are really important, they're going to come up with some dollars to help us with that. that is what makes an investment-friendly city and also reflects the values the city has. thank you for coming out. i appreciate your time and your effort. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. i am going to take two minutes to introduce the men and women to my left and right. as the mayor said, a unit next to as the leadership of many of our city agencies that help to manage the close to $7 billion and the over 50 debarment we
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have in the city. starting on my right, mayor lee introduced supervisor carmen chu, who heads of our budget committee. thank you for being here. next to her is kate howard, our city's budget director. next to her is luis herrera, our city librarian who manages the san francisco public library. our housing and 30 is run by director henry alvarez -- housing authority is run by director henry l. burress. our human services agency, derek chu. now relations between any of thechu's tonight, by the way. the head of our department of children, youth, and families, maria. the head of the department of public health, barbara garcia. from our neighborhood, a member of the department of emergency management. end of the blue uniform here, a well-known gentlemen, our police chief, greg suhr.
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good to see you. to my letter to your right is ken from our city administrator's office but also in uniform tonight is our fire chief, chief hayes-white. [applause] from the children's support services, we have karen. to her left is our mayors education adviser and a member of our school board, hydra mendoza. a man who is responsible for cleaning and repairing our streets and other public works in our city, the director of public works, mohammed nuru puerto rico director of rec and park department, philip ginsburg. [applause] from hr san francisco mta -- and from our mayor's office on housing, olson lee. in addition, i want to thank all of the volunteers who are here. i also want to think the mayor's
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office on a neighborhood services, disability. bud from media services. and sfgtv for helping to broadcast tonight's town hall. with that, it is my pleasure to introduce our moderator. we have one major neighborhood that is shared by district 3 and district two, and the head of one of the largest ethnic associations in both districts is the president of russian hill neighbors, tina. thank you, tina. [applause] >> i do not know whether to stand in front of you or in front of you. either way, i have my back. i wanted to point out first that we have translators. so i would like everyone to speak clearly. and when you finish a sentence, pause before you start the next one. it really will help them out. i want to go over the two-minute rule we are going to have at the
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very end. and we are going to have two minutes for every speaker. i know you all will not get a chance, but i think you put your questions and to the fish bowl, and we will take one question per district. one from two, one from three, and go that way to make it fair. you can spend all two minutes in making a statement or speak for one minute and have an answer from one of the department chiefs, supervisors, or the mayor. keep in mind, i do have a timekeeper. i am going to go over the ground rules for the evening. basically, we want everybody to be able to speak, but if you cannot, there are going to be budget meetings and hearings